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Wanderlass blog began in 2007 as a mean to update my family and friends during my first solo trip to Europe. As our memory struggles against forgetting, this blog serves as a backup memory of my travels around the world. Please enjoy!


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Day Trip from Bangkok — Hua Hin

I love Bangkok and have been there a few times over the past years but it can be intense. So if you're looking for a day trip or a short get-away to be with nature, head over the popular seaside escape of the residents of Bangkok and originally by the royalties. 200...

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Day Trip from Bangkok — Samut Songkhram

I've been to Bangkok a few times before but haven't gotten out of the city much, except for one time my sisters and I went on a day trip to Ayutthaya in 2012. September this year, I had the pleasure to be invited by Thai Airways and the Tourism Authority of Thailand...

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Magic and Halloween at Universal Studios Japan

I was super excited to find that Universal Studio Japan in Osaka (or USJ for short) was part of our Osaka itinerary and that we will be spending The Whole Day inside USJ. Yay! I have been to both Universal Studios Hollywood (USH) and Universal Studios Singapore (USS)...

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New Blog Design After Five Years

Hello! Welcome to my super cute new blog design. I haven't been this excited about my blog since the launch of wanderlass logo 5 years ago. And before that was 8 years ago when I registered the domain wanderlass.com If you've been a long time visitor of Wanderlass,...

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Where to Stay in Penang: Sunway Hotel Georgetown

Where to Stay in Penang On my recent visit to amazing Penang, I had the great pleasure of staying in one of the best hotels around. Sunway Hotel Georgetown is a beautiful hotel located within the buffer zone of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Georgetown. We actually...

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Top Attractions in Penang

Last May, I joined a Penang familiarization tour hosted by Philippine AirAsia and Penang Global Tourism. We were there a total of 4 days, but only had 2 full days visiting the top attractions in Penang. Despite the short time, we traveled many miles, walked many...

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Hey, I'm Wanderlass! The lass who wanders.

I travel the world on a quest to live a life not ordinary.

In 2011, I went to live my greatest dream of traveling around the world. This epic trip took me to 25 countries across 5 continents for 425 days! Needless to say, the wanderlust did not wane one bit when I came back. I continue to go on trips, albeit shorter ones.

Today, I’ve been to 58 countries & territories on 6 continents. I target to visit countries I’ve never been to; dive new dream destinations; and try new adventures like sailing, skydiving, or stepping on a brand new island.

Come, wander with me!

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