The photo enthusiast that I am, I am now without a (digital) camera.

I own a Canon G9 which I love but it broke while I was in Yogyakarta visiting the Unesco World Heritage Temple of Borobudur. Without a digital camera, I was driven to rekindle my affair with my long neglected lomo camera, LC-A+

Briefly, lomography or lomo as what it’s fondly called is a new (or old) form of photography (sort of) using films and toy cameras. There are bajillion kinds of lomo/toy cameras and more coming out or being modified everyday. Most popular types would be Holga, Diana, and LCA+. Basically, the pictures produced by these cameras are not a true reflection of reality. But what is reality, you may ask. Ha! I don’t exactly feel like engaging in a philosophical debate. It simply means the colors are all wrong. It can be too blue, too red, too green, too blurry, too grainy, too saturated, too close, too far, too high, too low…

Huh? Why is anyone into it then?

Well, because it produces photos like this:

Lomo – Kuta Beach, Bali – March, 2009

Lomo – Kuta Beach, Bali, March, 2009

Lomo – Kyoto, Japan, July, 2008

Lomo – Yangshuo, China, June, 2008

Lomo – Shangrila, Yunnan, China, June, 2008

Lomo – Bali, Indonesia, March, 2009

Lomo – Akita, Japan, July, 2008