AMSTERDAM HOLLAND NIGHT SCENEThe truth is while researching my Euro trip, I didn’t bother with Netherlands knowing I will have a full time host here. When it was suggested to me that we will have a little tour to the redlight district, I didn’t think any of it. Afterall I’ve been to Bangkok, Angeles City, and even to some of the girly clubs in P. Burgos. But what greeted me, really surprised me!

Before that, the canal by night is exceptionally beautiful with the the lights reflected on the water. Taking a stroll there is really romantic. My impression on the Dutch is that they’re kind of low-keyed. The streets are quite deserted at night time even if they have restaurants and cafes all over. But I guess the impression doesn’t apply at one part of the town! Souvenir shops still open after 5pm definely got more than magnets and t-shirts. You’ll find here mushrooms — not shitake! Neon signs of sex clubs blazing everywhere! Sex shops with various toys and gadgets blatantly displayed in the windows!

AMSTERDAM HOLLAND NIGHT SCENEAMSTERDAM HOLLAND NIGHT SCENEBut what shocked me the most is the stretch of street where they have scantly clothed women in who rent small window spaces (like those of department store where you have manequins wearing the lastest fashion) with bed and condusive dim lighting, seducing passers-by into their domain. I couldn’t help staring at them, mostly in disbelief! And these are beautiful young women too. If the curtain is closed, it means business is on-going. I wish I could take photo but nobody was. I’m sure with prostitution being legal, they probably have a union or association that hires bouncers who pound people who dared into pieces.