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How to Apply Tourist Visa to Tonga

I don't know why anybody are required tourist visa to Tonga (the Kingdom of Tonga). I was there for about 6 weeks and I didn't see how a foreigner could take jobs from the Tongans. If anything, the foreigners I met were volunteers and aide workers in Tonga. But it is...

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One Week in Tonga: Tongatapu

Malo e lelei! I'm constantly planning to go somewhere, this is a fact. But I'm still amazed how sometimes I ended up somewhere that has been totally out of my radar 6 months before. Like my surprise trip to South Africa last year and now, here I am in Tonga, sitting...

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Infinity Expedition Boat

   To Infinity and Beyond This is an adventure that has been long time in the making for me. While on my round the world trip in 2011, with no fixed itinerary, I contemplated on going home with a boat. Though the plan didn't pan out, I learned about the website...

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2nd Anilao UW Photo Competition Festival

This is the blow by blow account, from where I was sitting, of the recently concluded 2nd Anilao UW Photo Competition Festival. The successful Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) event ran from November 27 to December 1, 2014 at Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort. The...

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2nd Anilao Underwater Photo Competition

2nd Anilao Underwater Photo Competition Festival The recently concluded 2nd Anilao Underwater Photo Competition Festival is a huge success and I'm so proud of it. Virtually an unknown event last year, it has grown quite significantly and have attracted over 100...

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Apply Korean Tourist Visa in the Philippines

Travel to South Korea South Korea has become a popular travel destination for Filipinos. I believe this is due to cheap flights are available all year round with increasing number of budget airlines. It also helps that South Korea have eased up their visa policy to...

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Packing for Summer Festival in Europe

There's is no better time to visit Europe than during the Summer. Summer is simply the most beautiful time of the year in that part of the world. Most of western Europe boasts warm days and chilly nights during the summer which is, let's be honest, the best climate!...

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Travel Stories

Dive Seafari Day 1,2,3 – Diving Panglao

Diving Panglao Bohol Divers Club is a good place to stay when diving Panglao.  Their dive shop will be our diving host as well as those joining the MAD about US photo competition. It's the type of resort I would typically book to be my base when scuba diving. It's...

Anilao – Birthplace of Philippine Diving

Anilao is considered as the birthplace of Philippine scuba diving. The first dive resorts setup operation in the 1960’s and while various islands in the Philippines have also been known for scuba diving, Anilao remains to be the most popular weekend dive destination for Metro Manila folks. It’s where most of us got initiated into the wonderful underwater world. And it only takes 1.5 hours drive south of Metro Manila via the SLEX-STAR (TR3) connection.

NUDI Photo Dive in Puerto Galera

"Nudi" is short for nudibranch, a sea species known for it's extraordinary colors and varying form and sizes.  No wonder it's one of the favorite macro subject of many underwater photographers. And NUDI is the name adapted by a group of avid diver-photographers in...

Gabajillion of Sardines

We have our own Sardine Run in the Philippines! my friend Beth twitted me during the time I was obsessing about the Sardine Run in South Africa--after seeing it in BBC. Really? Where? Moalboal, Cebu. And so my obsession shifted. It's obviously easier to attain this...


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