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Day Trip from Bangkok — Hua Hin

I love Bangkok and have been there a few times over the past years but it can be intense. So if you're looking for a day trip or a short get-away to be with nature, head over the popular seaside escape of the residents of Bangkok and originally by the royalties. 200...

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Day Trip from Bangkok — Samut Songkhram

I've been to Bangkok a few times before but haven't gotten out of the city much, except for one time my sisters and I went on a day trip to Ayutthaya in 2012. September this year, I had the pleasure to be invited by Thai Airways and the Tourism Authority of Thailand...

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Magic and Halloween at Universal Studios Japan

I was super excited to find that Universal Studio Japan in Osaka (or USJ for short) was part of our Osaka itinerary and that we will be spending The Whole Day inside USJ. Yay! I have been to both Universal Studios Hollywood (USH) and Universal Studios Singapore (USS)...

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New Blog Design After Five Years

Hello! Welcome to my super cute new blog design. I haven't been this excited about my blog since the launch of wanderlass logo 5 years ago. And before that was 8 years ago when I registered the domain wanderlass.com If you've been a long time visitor of Wanderlass,...

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Top Attractions in Penang

Last May, I joined a Penang familiarization tour hosted by Philippine AirAsia and Penang Global Tourism. We were there a total of 4 days, but only had 2 full days visiting the top attractions in Penang. Despite the short time, we traveled many miles, walked many...

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Learn Freediving in Manila

I've wanted to learn freediving for a long time and finally got properly trained last weekend! It was such a positive experience so I highly recommend anyone who loves to swim in the ocean to try it. I learned with my friend Carlo, an AIDA International accredited...

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Travel Stories

The Galapagos: The Dream Dive

Diving the Galapagos had been a dream since the first time I saw a photo of school of hammerheads. Fueled with the high of diving Tubbataha in 2010, I tried organizing a group to dive Galapagos, negotiating deals for charter boat, but wasn’t successful.

Diving the Red Sea

One thing I know I will miss when I began this trip is scuba diving. And so I actually did a lot of diving before I left--taking part in the Philippine Dive Seafari and even joining the SNUPS photo competition, which by the way, I won something, yay. And because it is...

RTW Packing List for Female Travelers

Wonder what to pack for a round the world trip for women? Certainly not 365 shirts. Here’s a list of what I brought with me and a video on how I stuff them all in a bag.

Acacia Resort and Dive Center

There are 3 destinations for SNUPS, right? Batangas, Cebu, and Dumaguete. My travel schedule only permits me to join the Batangas leg, which is absolutely fine because diving Anilao is at least top 3 destination for diving in the Philippines. My point being, because...


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