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Les Promenades Paris

Paris is everything that you read, heard, seen in movies and yet more! It is the city that makes you fall in love and smile. Everywhere you look you see couples kissing, you see family strolling, you see kids running about, dogs walking the street as if they're part...

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Majestic Mont St. Michel

My guidebook says unless St. Michel is financing my travel, I should not stay inside the island of Mont St-Michel, instead, at the small town of Pontorson, 5km away from MSM, so we did. The hotel La Tour Brette is nice and all, friendly hosts, and has a good...

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Intramuros de St. Malo

St-Malo is super nice! It had a welcoming festive mood to it when you arrive. Getting in the intramuros feels like going to Disneyland or Universal Studio. There are lots of tourists walking around and looking happy. I see mostly couples, old and young though I didn’t...

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Château, château, et plus châteaux!

Château de CHAMBORD Is the biggest castle in the Loire region and was built so that king Francois I will have a place to stay when he go hunting! The place is really grand that you can easily get lost from 1 room to the next and you see nothing for miles from the...

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Nick of Time in the Little Town of Blois

I woke up early today because we’re taking our mini trip outside of Paris. I was very excited because we'll be traveling around France! So everything went well, nice ride, nice view, la la la...   Arrived in Tours We have a car rental reservation with a company name...

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Montmartre & Sacré Cœur

Today we venture on our own. Geared with a métro map, we head for Montmartre. The Paris métro is complex but not anymore complicated to take than the MTR of Hong Kong. After all, with no fixed routes, no schedules, and reckless drivers, what can be more confusing than...

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Je suis arrivée!

After 17h flight, 10,000km, 3 in-flight movies, uncomfy coach seat, and months of anticipation, I am here! RB met me at the airport and I got a tad emotional, though recovered quickly... It's been 2-1/2 years after all. We cruised around the Paris circle and finally...

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Perplexity–Packing Dilemma

I know you expect to be reading something of France already. But uh-uh, I'm still here, at my desk in deep perplexity. I just can't believe it's April already. I leave end of the month! Yes, I got my visa. Yes, my parents know I'm gonna be gone for a month, although...

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