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Scuba Diving with Long Fins

Strong Current? No Problem! I've been scuba diving with long fins for one year now and I super love it. I totally recommend it  to anyone who wants to breeze through diving strong current. I finally bought my long fins early last year (2016) for my Komodo dive trip...

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Diving Raja Ampat Liveaboard

They say Raja Ampat casts a spell on all those who visit and we couldn't agree more All things considered, Raja Ampat is easily one of the best dive destination, if not the best, in the world. I know you'll ask me, is it better than your favorite, the Galapagos? Well,...

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10 years of blogging and 10 reasons why I blog

10 years seems like a long time, but it oddly didn't feel like I've been blogging for that long. Perhaps the time just went by so fast, or perhaps it's because I don't post that often. Haha. My blog began 10 years ago with the first published post entitled Europe Trip...

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Year that was 2016 — Hello 2017

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year's Holiday like I did. My family and I spent it aboard the luxury cruise ship, Mariner of the Sea. Pincky, my sister in Japan, met us in Singapore and we got to spent 10 days together with her and...

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Day Trip in Bali — Uluwatu

When I was in Bali for the first time 7 years ago, I remember saying that it's nothing special and one's better off going to Boracay instead. I was obviously on some kind of meds for thinking that. I have taken back that statement since. I think Bali is amazing and is...

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Trip of Wonders — Catch the Sunrise at Borobudur

I am really happy for the chance to visit Borobudur Temple again. The last time I was there in 2009, my camera (Canon G9) broke while inside the Borobudur Temple. I did get some photos but no decent selfies because there were no iPhone yet in 2009. I had to use a...

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Trip of Wonders–Borobudur Village

Indonesia has been one of my favorite countries since my first visit in 2009. I did a 2 week trip that brought me from Jakarta to Bandung to Jogjakarta and finally to Bali. I have since then been back to Bali and added Komodo Island on my list. And I've planned for...

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Japan Rail Pass Is Worth the Money

Traveling to Japan is more popular than ever. Japan has relaxed their visa giving process and it's now easier for Filipinos and other Southeast Asian national to enter Japan. I've been to Japan at least once a year since 2014. Philippine peso vs. Japan yen has fallen...

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Travel Stories

Diving South Maldives on Live Aboard (Part 2 of 2)

So I was saying that we survived diving South Maldives, but that we had a messy first day. To be up to speed, read  here Diving South Maldives (Part 1). As expected, there were a lot of emotions flying around after that dive. There were traumatized divers, angry...

Hard Diving South Maldives on Live Aboard (Part 1)

I survived diving South Maldives! This would be a good way to sum up my one week diving South Maldives on Live Aboard. I bet this is the common feeling, not only of my 21 boat mates, but also the divers of the 2 trips before ours. I know because I have friends on both...

Backpack Flags

In the beginning of my trip, a friend gave me a backpack flag of Israel. Since it was the first country, it seemed like a cool idea to fill my bag with flags as I go along. But it turned out backpack flags isn’t as popular as fridge magnets, postcards or mugs as travel souvenirs. In fact, I forgot all about this plan of collecting flags. I don’t think I encountered them at all in Europe.

The Galapagos: The Ultimate Dive

co-written by dive buddy banggigay The Galapagos Dives with Aggressor II The dream dive trip is live aboard diving Galapagos  for 8 days, though we only have 5 days of 3 dives per day. It’s rather few considering the price tag of the trip. We were told that it was...


Acacia Resort and Dive Center

There are 3 destinations for SNUPS, right? Batangas, Cebu, and Dumaguete. My travel schedule only permits me to join the Batangas leg, which is absolutely fine because diving Anilao is at least top 3 destination for diving in the Philippines. My point being, because...

Dive Gears List

If it's not evident in this blog, I'm a bit of a diveaholic. As I take off for my BIG trip, I'm going to miss diving tremendously and my gears. This post is a tribute to it and also for the purpose of record, lest someone borrowed something and didn't return it. :)...

The Peacock Garden Luxury Resort

The Peacock Garden Luxury Resort One of the unexpected highlight of the Dive Seafari trip is being housed at The Peacock Garden Luxury Resort. This secret hideaway is tucked in the middle of Baclayon about 15 minutes from Baclayon church and Tagbilaran airport. The...

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