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This is Singapore

We began our last full day (DAY 3) in Chinatown for yum cha 飲茶, literally Cantonese for "drinking tea" but the term is commonly used to refer to drinking tea with dimsum. I suppose this term originated in Hong Kong but is famous in Chinatown all over the world. The...

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So this is Singapore

Some were really surprised that it's my first time to Singapore. A lot of people I know absolutely adore it and I can understand why. It's clean and modern and bright and systematic. People are nice and everyone speaks English. It just never interests me much because...

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Diving the Wrecks in Coron + Barracuda Lake

Diving the Wrecks in Coron + Barracuda Lake Coron Island is located at the northern part of Palawan and is most famously known for the WWII Ship Wrecks. It has been on my list of "places to go to in Philippines" and I'm happy to finally cross it off my list. So for...

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The weekend we survived an amazing race (II)

At 10:00 the group met at Expedition Fleet office in Makati. I'm sure it's a bit intimidating having over 20 people arrived in flock. Most of us who came directly from the resort were still in our island get-up. ABS-CBN already called them up to get their side of the...

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the weekend we survived an amazing race (I)

The hours/days following our disembarkation from the pacific explorer 2 had been nothing short of a wild roller coaster ride. It was almost noon time when 24 castaways emerged from the shore of Outrigger resort drawing curious stares from the weekend divers. You see,...

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Almost Tubbataha with Expedition Fleet

Almost Tubbataha with Expedition Fleet So finally March 5 arrived. 24 people who came from as far as Davao, Shanghai, Vancouver, and Los Angeles fixed their lives the last 9 months to fit this 8 days diving expedition to amazing Tubbataha, converged in Anilao Pier to...

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Packing List for Live Aboard Dive Trip

Unbelievable. It's March! I really wish time doesn't fly so fast but having said that, I also cannot wait for this Friday, March 5, 2010.  This is when we board our boat, Pacific Explorer 2, to Tubbataha for our much anticipated live aboard diving trip! Here let me...

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