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Bali bumming

BALI is the last installment of my trip to Indonesia. It's over a year too late this report, but here it is. =) Traveling non-stop for almost 2 weeks and dispirited by my just broken Canon G9 camera, beach bumming in Bali is a much needed R and R. Sometimes traveling...

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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010

Philippine Fashion Week has become an annual event for my sisters and I. Like last year we attended the show presented by Bench. But unlike last year, we were late, thus, we got thrown into the dark corner. But then again, bunch of people were not able to get in at...

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Roadtrip with Mazda CX-7

"Anything Goes!" This was the theme of our road trip. And true enough, the 45 hours following our departure from my house was filled with the most random of events imaginable! Begining with this sunrise in Tarlac City.   We got lucky again. This time Mazda Philippines...

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Catch a Fallen Star: COTS Harvest

When I received the WWF-Philippines invitation to Catch a Fallen Star, I replied "yes to all" in 0 second. More than the diving, I wanted to be part of the cause. Really. And I feel lucky to get one of the 15 much coveted slot. the star catchers The crown of thorns...

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Coron Underwater

in the spirit of 'better late than never', here's the video of our Coron wreck diving of 2 months ago. was way too excited for tubbataha that i only get to finish this today. anyway it was a magnificent trip with the other half of the mamburao peeps. wreck diving is...

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the weekend ESCAPE

The most splendid thing about my group of friends is how mobile we all are. We can be talking about a restaurant in Pampanga on Tuesday and Saturday, we're on the road. And so when Ford Philippines generously offered to lend us their Ford Escape for a weekend...

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This is Singapore

We began our last full day (DAY 3) in Chinatown for yum cha 飲茶, literally Cantonese for "drinking tea" but the term is commonly used to refer to drinking tea with dimsum. I suppose this term originated in Hong Kong but is famous in Chinatown all over the world. The...

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