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Dive Malapascua

A comprehensive summary of what to expect in Malapascua with focus on scuba diving (& video clips of dive sites) and information on rates and how to get there.

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The Road to Malapascua

Malapascua is a tiny island off the north tip of Cebu in the Philippines. It's about 2 sq. km. in size with a population of a little over 3,000. The island was first known for its white sand beach and crystal blue water which attracted a lot of local tourists. Its the...

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Walking Down the Nostalgia Lane

In 2007, I accompanied my father to Hong Kong where he had a business to attend to. The business wouldn’t take more than a day, but we decided to stay a couple more to visit his brother. My father was from Hong Kong before moving to the Philippines to marry and raise...

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Pink Sand Beach

You read it right. It's pink! Welcome to Sta. Cruz Island of Zamboanga City. It's really one of the country's most beautiful stretch of beach! and we do have a lot of them. It's the most famous of the 11 islands that is under the jurisdiction of Zamboanga City. Its...

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Bienvenido Zamboanga

Zamboanga in western Mindanao isn't on anyone's normal travel wish list, not even to many Filipinos. While it is full of pristine beaches and prolific marine life being a peninsula surrounded by Sulu Sea, Celebes Sea, and Moro Gulf, it is also famous by constantly...

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Worldwide Photo Walk 2010 – Quezon City

Worldwide Photo Walk is the world's biggest annual photography event organized by photographer and photoshop expert, Scott Kelby. The idea is to have a group of photographers in every city to shoot an interesting area of their choice, and then socialize afterwards in...

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The Lure of the Snow Mountain

Meili Snow Mountain 梅里雪山 is located in Deqin County. This beautiful mountain range is comprised of 4 four large glaciers: Ming Yong 明永,Si Nong 斯农,Niu Ba 纽巴, and Nong Song 浓松. The average altitude is at 6000m with Ming Yong being the highest at 6750m, the highest in...

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Chinese Shangri la

The journey from Shangri la to Deqin was suggested in the Lonely Planet China as the "road less traveled" (compared to Dali & Lijiang), but of course this made the route popular to foreign travelers. :) The name Shangri la is a fictional Himalayan paradise...

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