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Dive Seafari – Closing Conference

So finally the 10-day Philippine Dive Seafari event comes to a close, and the final programs were done in grandiose fashion. The DOT hosted dinner on Tuesday (May 3) was where all the guests from the 4 dive sites came together for the first time. If I was star struck...

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Bohol Countryside Tour

After 5 days of scuba diving, the Dive Seafari group were treated to a countryside tour before everyone heads back to Manila. I always say Bohol is a Visayan wonder because it has everything--rich culture, friendly people, and natural wonders. The tour started with a...

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Dive Seafari Day 4, 5 – Diving Balicasag

Diving Balicasag Balicasag is a 25-hectare small island 4 km southwest of Panglao. It houses 200 families and the Philippine Tourism Authority operates a 20 rooms resort on a 1.5-hectare area--the Balicasag Island Dive Resort. We were hosted by the PTA for one night...

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Dive Seafari – Diving with Legends

I’ve been diving for almost four years now and logged about 150 dives. I’ve also dove in some of the best sites around the Philippines—Tubbataha, Apo Island, Coron, Malapascua, Moalboal, Puerto Galera, and of course Anilao. But on this trip, diving with Bob Yin and...

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Dive Seafari Day 1,2,3 – Diving Panglao

Diving Panglao Bohol Divers Club is a good place to stay when diving Panglao.  Their dive shop will be our diving host as well as those joining the MAD about US photo competition. It's the type of resort I would typically book to be my base when scuba diving. It's...

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Dive Seafari Day 0 – Meet & Greet

Dive Seafari Bohol Edition Begins The flight was at 11:50am but I was at the airport at 9:00 am, the meet up time. I met Mick (from Australia) and Steve (from UK) who are the 2 other international guests of the Seafari. So there we were, having coffee while waiting...

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Philippine Dive Seafari 2011

I am stoked! "Marine marvels at the 1st Philippine Dive Seafari" article spread all over the internet last month and got all of us mad divers excited and curious. And I'm so ecstatic to be part of this grand underwater extravaganza. There are exactly 3 things that I'm...

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