Month: November 2012

Amnesia: To Party in Ibiza

I was supposed to fly to Palermo after Rome to meet with Michele, an Italian friend who lived in the Philippines. But 5 days before, he wrote that he’s been invited by his friend to party in Ibiza. He wanted to see me he said, but also wants to party to Ibiza. I’m invited to come along if I want to.   I know of Ibiza– a tiny island off the coast of Spain.  It’s known for being an island paradise because of the beaches but more famous for the legendary summer parties. I never thought of going there before, but then I’ve never had invitation to go there. Since I’ve not booked my flight to Palermo yet… why not? So nice to have no fixed itinerary, no?   Michele came to the airport to fetch me with David, our host. We did a small tour of the old town and its port which is a Unesco World Heritage site.  It was lovely with painted white houses with blue water backdrop. However, we were also being fried to death by the scorching sun. Let me mention that I’ve had sun since the day I started my trip as if it’s following me around. Whenever I get somewhere, I’ll be greeted with “you’re so lucky because we have good weather this weekend” or various variation of it. On my first night, Michele...

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Pub Crawl Manila

Manila Pub Crawl is a bar-hopping tour that is designed for participants to meet each other and make new friends while exploring the best night-life of the city. For locals, it is a great way to expand their network and meet people from different cultures and nationalities. For tourists, it is the best way to get to know the night life and meet locals.

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The lass who wanders

I travel the world on a quest to live a life not ordinary. Having seen more of the world than most people would in a life time, I am grateful and hope that I inspire you to do what you love most



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