Month: November 2011

O Porto!

Portugal for me is like Philippines wherein travelers usually omit us as destination on a multi-country tour, Western Europe and Southeast Asia respectively. Yet when people finally get there, almost everyone falls in love with it (us) instantly. I know this about the Philippines as I’ve met and hosted a lot of travelers and it is the case for me in here, especially when I first stepped into Porto Portugal.   I know Portugal is beautiful as I’ve been following a Portuguese photographer‘s gallery for a long time, but I didn’t go the first time because well, like most people,...

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Valencia – city of angels

Getting to Valencia Sometimes flexibility comes with great price. This time in big bold EUROS! When I was invited to visit Ibiza, I checked flights and found the tickets were cheap (50 Euros), so I booked it. Because I didn’t know how long I was gonna stay or where to next, I thought I’ll leave that for later.  This is both good and bad I guess. The tickets out were really outrageous.  It was over 300 euros to Barcelona, for example, and 600 euros to Paris or Amsterdam. If I knew beforehand, I’d probably passed out on Ibiza and...

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Europe. It’s a wrap!

Up until 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday, when my tickets were finally issued, I wasn’t sure where I was going. I was totally bewildered when I learned my U.K. visa expired, with 8 days remaining in my Schengen visa. I had to leave Europe! How could you not realize it before? they asked me. I know! But well, I was too careless to assume that U.K. visa works like U.S. visa that the permitted duration of stay starts when you entered U.S.  In the case of U.K. visa, it gives you 6 months beginning at the day it was...

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When in Rome

Finally I was able to do what a tourist came to Rome to do! Colosseum was my mission 4 years ago. I thought if I had one day in Rome and cannot go to the Vatican (which is technically not Italy, I know), I want to at least see the Colosseum but I wasn’t able to since my Rome exploration was cut short by the accident. So this time, it was the first thing I did. Colosseum is an amphitheater built to use for gladiator fights and other spectacles for the people’s entertainment during the 1st century. Later in the medieval...

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The lass who wanders

I travel the world on a quest to live a life not ordinary. Having seen more of the world than most people would in a life time, I am grateful and hope that I inspire you to do what you love most



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