Month: September 2011

Budapest Bad Experience

The Train Incident They knocked on our cabin and identified themselves as Hungarian Passport Security and asked for our passports. We’re about to enter non-EU country Croatia. I only found out that this train route passes through Croatia from the 3 other passengers sharing my sleeper car. They’re going to Zagren, the capital city of Croatia. I was on my way to Venice, Italy.   The Hungarian border police stamped exit on my passport despite my telling them that my destination is Italy. Like half of the Hungarians I’ve encountered since I came to Budapest, he went on as...

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Here’s a plan. No plan.

It’s funny for me to hear someone tell me that my trip is organized. Josh even went overboard saying I did tremendous pre-trip planning. Because the truth is, my trip is anything BUT organized. If you only knew that Raz had to drive me to a bookstore in Tel-Aviv so we could look at Lonely Planet guide and see what are my options in Jerusalem. Or how Kuba was scandalized when he learned that I didn’t have a guidebook traveling solo in Jordan. Or that it was Kevin who mapped out my little excursion out of London. “What are...

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100th day of traveling

Today is the 100th day since I almost got a heart attack at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport when they tried to verify my return ticket. 100 days is so far the longest time I’ve been away from home. For those who just tuned in, I’m at the moment on my own epic round the world trip! Here you’re thinking, “You’re a really slow traveler.” “Yes, that’s the only way to go, if you want to get to know the place a bit, rather than just being a passers-by.” I tell you. “I mean, really slow, 100 days and...

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London Markets

Visiting markets is one of my favorite thing to do in a city. And not because I’m a shopaholic. No,no, because I’ve already resolved that if I’m traveling for a year, I intend to keep my luggage lightweight. It’s already a mystery why my bag increased its kilo without me doing any major purchases. How much do magnets weigh anyway? I’m there to savor the sights and maybe sample the food. I usually take my big camera and a small bag. London has some great markets for every type of clientele. Farmers markets for the foodies, antique and flea...

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No subtitles in London

The first thing I appreciated when I arrived London is that I understood everything! Suddenly I’m smart again and could participate in conversations! No, of course I’m exaggerating. I met many people in Israel and Jordan who speaks English excellently. But it is something to not need subtitles in every single conversation. I can even eavesdrop on others’ conversations too. Lol. The capital city of England and United Kingdom, London needs no introduction. It’s my first time to visit and so lucky to have a home in my friend Nadine’s home. For about a week, I was a tourists...

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Petra: Man-made Wonder

What makes Petra a wonder for me is that these magnificent monuments were not built, like a normal structure would be built, from the ground up, but carved out of huge rocks. You’ve seen photos and you’ve seen films, but nothing would prepare you to face one of the world’s most outstanding wonder, really.   It was still good as I had Khalid as my guide, so we were able to go to all the important sites in a strategic matter and without getting lost. And as I said, who can be a better guide than those who were...

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Bedouins of Petra

Amazing experience to be immersed into the inner of Bedouin culture and life. Extremely lucky to meet the people I met in Petra who shared with me their home, meals, tea, cigarette, ride, time, and stories.

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The lass who wanders

I travel the world on a quest to live a life not ordinary. Having seen more of the world than most people would in a life time, I am grateful and hope that I inspire you to do what you love most



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