Month: March 2011

Philippine Underwater Photo Diving Competitions

Diving season is definitely on! Not that cold water ever stopped us. Ok, ok, I’m sure you in Europe and North America are raising your eyebrows and muttering “cold water?” Well, 24ºC is kind of cold for us, but of course you are missing point. This is an invitation to ALL Diver-Photographers of the World to pack your gears and head over to the Philippines beginning April, 2011. Two (2) exciting underwater shootouts competition were announced during the last NUDI Night. NUDI, if I may, stands for Network of Underwater Digital Imagers. We’re a group of avid diver-photographers who...

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Anilao Diving

Anilao is considered as the birthplace of Philippine scuba diving. The first dive resorts setup operation in the 1960’s and while various islands in the Philippines have also been known for scuba diving, Anilao remains to be the most popular weekend dive destination for Metro Manila folks. It’s where most of us got initiated into the wonderful underwater world. And it only takes 1.5 hours drive south of Metro Manila via the SLEX-STAR (TR3) connection.

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My Adventure Partner–A Contest

This was taken in Yunnan Province, China. I was in a group trekking to the view deck of Meili Snow Mountain. We were walking for 2 days through a forest, mountain along Mekong River, a couple of villages, and when we finally got there, we had to climb some more! I was already dying and in tears. Luckily, I found my adventure partner! :-) THE CONTEST is now Closed. Will announce the winner in a few days. Thanks for joining. :) Wanderlass Adventure Partners Contest Series, Part 3 is open to ALL CITIZEN OF THE WORLD (terms & conditions...

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winner #2 is…

Wanderlass Adventure Partners Contest Series, Part 2 has concluded and we have a winner. But before I announce it, let me say thank you for the warm response of this contest. I’m overwhelmed with the number of comments. I hope you all like the new look of my page! Because I’m going to put all the blame on it for the missing comments for March 12, 13, 14. My old site was running in the background while I upload the new theme. And my guess is, more comments came during the uploading and it was not included when the...

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NUDI Photo Dive in Puerto Galera

“Nudi” is short for nudibranch, a sea species known for it’s extraordinary colors and varying form and sizes.  No wonder it’s one of the favorite macro subject of many underwater photographers. And NUDI is the name adapted by a group of avid diver-photographers in Metro Manila. Undoubtedly one myself, I took no time in becoming a member. NUDI cleverly stands for Network of Underwater Digital Imagers. The group was formed with the objective of providing a venue for avid diver-photographers to learn from each other. Once a month, we have a themed photo contest. Attendees are encouraged to bring...

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Adventure Partners Contest Series: Part 2

As much as I love traveling, packing had never been my favorite thing to do.  Even if I have a packing list I’ve referred to since my first solo trip, I could never be done in a few minutes. I would procrastinate and finally end up sleepless the night before my trip. It’s really bad if it’s a scuba trip with early dives scheduled the next day. The thing is I’m not a very organized person and I struggle to carry minimal items. I used to just pile everything on top of each other when I pack. So needless to...

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