Month: January 2011

Cebu City Tour

I’ve been to Cebu a few times before for the beach, visit friends, attend a wedding, Sinulog, and of course to scuba dive. But last year, my sisters all voted to go to Cebu for our family New Year holiday as none of them have been there before. I’m fine with it because I love Cebu and secretly plan to dive Moalboal. ;-) Because we’ll be saving by traveling locally (past trips: Shanghai, Macau, Hong Kong, Japan & Brunei), we thought of booking into Shangrila Mactan. But wow the price was so outrageous it’s almost a crime! So I...

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Manila Ocean Park

The summer I turned 10, my dad took me on my first airplane ride to Hong Kong, and part of our trip was a visit to the Ocean Park. It was the ultimate theme park in South East Asia at that time. I vaguely remember the whole thing except for riding the cable car and watching the dolphin and whale show.   Fast forward some years later, Manila came out with our own version of Ocean Park. Not a theme park person, it never even crossed my mind to go see it, plus I rather be scuba diving with...

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of missed flights and lesson learned

You’d think that with all these frequent flying, one would get this traveling business down to a T.  Of course one would always be ready for changes along the road, specially during longish trips. I’ve missed flights before, twice actually in my life. But to commit idiotic error such as booking the wrong flight is very annoying! I’m so upset that I don’t feel like discussing it, but I will tell my tale here. When I found 3 of my friends are going to one of Philippine’s more prestigious festival–Dinagyang in Iloilo City, on a whim I decided to...

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Gabajillion of Sardines

We have our own Sardine Run in the Philippines! my friend Beth twitted me during the time I was obsessing about the Sardine Run in South Africa–after seeing it in BBC. Really? Where? Moalboal, Cebu. And so my obsession shifted. It’s obviously easier to attain this one. Around May 2010, a youtube video of a thresher shark preying on the billions of sardines in Pescador Island began circulating in facebook.  A few days later, there were news on whale shark sighting on the same site. It became the most popular topic in the local diving scene. Thousands of Manila divers...

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Let’s Get High!

Almost an ocean creature, it’s normal to find me on the beach or underwater. With an almost acrophobia, it’s rare to find me anywhere of high altitude. But the adrenaline junkie in me is willing to try ‘almost’ anything once. So I wasted no time when I read about the tandem paragliding event. I quickly sent Ruby a private message to reserve 6 slots for me and my friends. This is before I even find out how much it costs, who among my friends are available that weekend, or who will conduct this event, or how tandem paragliding works!...

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The lass who wanders

I travel the world on a quest to live a life not ordinary. Having seen more of the world than most people would in a life time, I am grateful and hope that I inspire you to do what you love most



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