Year: 2011

Volcán Poás National Park

After a week in San Jose and not seeing much outside the bread shop and super mercato, I decided to do a day trip out of town. Sitting on atop the Pacific hot spot, Costa Rica is home to about 100 active volcanos. One of them is the Volcán Poás just 40km outside of the capital San Jose. It is said to have the 2nd widest crater opening (Toba in Indonesia said to be 1st) in the world. The Volcán Poás National Park is 2 hours bus from San Jose that leaves at 8,30am daily. The return fare for...

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Getting to Costa Rica

After jetting around in Europe, where I spent an average of 1 week per city, I decided to take it even slower in Central and South America. After all, the visa is easier here. I mean I get 90 days for Schengen which is for 24 countries, while I get at least 30 days per country in those that I can go to here. Photo By: Arturo Sotillo First time in Central America. I was not totally surprised but it was still curious to observe the striking similarity to the Philippines. The churches, the plaza, the market — I...

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Eating in New York

New York is so diverse that for many, it’s more of an international city than an American city. The New Yorkers especially think so. It goes without saying that authentic cuisine of every nation in the world are found in NY. Let’s say you can travel around the world with Food in New York. That was my agenda and here is a list of restaurant that I tried and were suggested by foodie friends based in NYC.

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The Second Wind in Traveling

Originally New York was not part of my plan, but as a jump off point for my Latin American travel, it was the cheapest option. And for long term travelers with a certain budget, it usually is the greatest deciding factor. But after 3 weeks here in the US, I decided I couldn’t have made a better choice. Here are my reasons why–   No Pressure Because I have been a tourist here before, there is no longer the pressure of doing the touristy stuff. Although I did visit museums, parks, squares, and see Lady Liberty. It is the...

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O Porto!

Portugal for me is like Philippines wherein travelers usually omit us as destination on a multi-country tour, Western Europe and Southeast Asia respectively. Yet when people finally get there, almost everyone falls in love with it (us) instantly. I know this about the Philippines as I’ve met and hosted a lot of travelers and it is the case for me in here, especially when I first stepped into Porto Portugal.   I know Portugal is beautiful as I’ve been following a Portuguese photographer‘s gallery for a long time, but I didn’t go the first time because well, like most people,...

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The lass who wanders

I travel the world on a quest to live a life not ordinary. Having seen more of the world than most people would in a life time, I am grateful and hope that I inspire you to do what you love most



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