Month: March 2010

Finally Coron!

Coron Island is located at the northern part of Palawan and is most famously known for the WWII Ship Wrecks. It has been on my list of “places to go to in Philippines” and I’m happy to finally cross it off my list. So for me, it’s the next best thing after the failed Tubbataha. We dove with Sea Dive Resort and I’m happy to vouch for their excellent customer service. Everyone (reception, accounting, dive shop, dive guides, etc) is so very nice and accommodating! We’re also able to get a good diving rate. We each paid PHP10,000 for...

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The weekend we survived an amazing race (II)

At 10:00 the group met at Expedition Fleet office in Makati. I’m sure it’s a bit intimidating having over 20 people arrived in flock. Most of us who came directly from the resort were still in our island get-up. ABS-CBN already called them up to get their side of the story. In a sentence, I’d say we created quite a stir on a Monday morning. I was surprised that Scuba World owner, Mr. John Wee braved facing the group. Suzette gave him a big chunk of our mind, as he tried to explain his side. He claimed our want...

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the weekend we survived an amazing race (I)

The hours/days following our disembarkation from the pacific explorer 2 had been nothing short of a wild roller coaster ride. It was almost noon time when 24 castaways emerged from the shore of Outrigger resort drawing curious stares from the weekend divers. You see, as we refused to go home and let it all simmer, they told us we can stay there with full board until tomorrow morning and they’ll have vans to take us to CIA office for our refund. Later we were hauled into the function room for lunch. I think maybe we’re making too much noise...

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Almost Tubbataha with Expedition Fleet

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series TubbatahaAlmost Tubbataha with Expedition Fleet So finally March 5 arrived. 24 people who came from as far as Davao, Shanghai, Vancouver, and Los Angeles fixed their lives the last 9 months to fit this 8 days diving expedition to amazing Tubbataha, converged in Anilao Pier to finally begin our adventure. Everyone were ecstatic and nothing could wipe out the perpetual grin off our faces, not even the coaster breaking down on the way, or a week ago Beth’s underwater camera got flooded. This is it! we screamed as the...

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Protected: hey inbal

I want you to know, though I think you already do, that I had a wonderful time in Salvador. The carnaval was great, but meeting you made it special. And while I didn’t write sooner, know that I was thinking of you. First, I don’t know exactly what to say… It was nice? great? I felt it deserves a few more superlatives, but at the same time wonder if there’s a point in keeping in touch. Then I got caught up in a series of excitement. You know how it is with these travels. Brazil is quite amazing. I’m not any more certain starting this message, but I do have the time at the moment and thought I’d see where this goes. I met less remarkable people in this trip that I’m in contact with, and the fact that I’m having this debate in my head about you, you are obviously more significant. I was surprised to find you attractive when I met you in Bogota. For I had already concluded (before seeing you) that since you’re bald therefore ugly. You sounded funny and cool so I was looking forward to no more than fun times. But more than anything, I find your confidence super hot! As I said, I’ve not been with anyone whose gaze I couldn’t hold. It’s crazy because I already knew you desired me yet...

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Packing List for Live Aboard Dive Trip

Unbelievable. It’s March! I really wish time doesn’t fly so fast but having said that, I also cannot wait for this Friday, March 5, 2010.  This is when we board our boat, Pacific Explorer 2, to Tubbataha for our much anticipated live aboard diving trip! Here let me share with you my excitement as well as my packing list for live aboard dive trip. This is a 6 dive days liveaboard trip, meaning, daily life here for a week will be: eat; dive; sleep; repeat. My longest streak was last year’s 3 dive days in Dumaguete. I enjoyed the repetitive dive...

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The lass who wanders

I travel the world on a quest to live a life not ordinary. Having seen more of the world than most people would in a life time, I am grateful and hope that I inspire you to do what you love most



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