Month: June 2009

Dive Apo Island

Apo Island needs no further introduction for scuba divers as it is one of the top dive sites in the Philippines. It has amazing clear water, healthy coral reef, and well preserved marine sanctuary. Fully geared and underwater camera ready, I was more than eager to jump into the Apo Island water once again. can you believe this clarity? I was specially looking forward to dive in Coconut because the last time we skipped it as current was too strong. It was rated 5-star site and Lu-ann described her experience here as “window shopping”. This is our first site...

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Dive Dumaguete (DuCoMi Pier)

Dumaguete City is a charming town in Negros Oriental with friendly people and chillax lifestyle. It’s one of the most popular travel destination in the Philippines, not only for foreigners but locals as well. I may be biased but I think the most obvious reason is its rich marine life for scuba diving! And why not? The famous islands of Apo and Sumilon are just few paddles away from this quaint town. Straight from an overnight cook out/send-off party at my house, Vangie and I left for the airport (with no sleep, nada, rien, zero, really!) as the rest...

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Going Back to Dumaguete

When one of our scuba friends invited me to this trip, I didn’t hesitate even if I was just here 18 months ago. Mainly because I was a new and nervous diver and that we were not taken to the best dive sites Apo Island has to offer. Anyway, it was an awesome and memorable trip nonetheless. Now let’s focus here. I was very thrilled because it will be my first “hardcore” dive trip! Normally I will have a day trip to Anilao with 2 or 3 dives. Best will be an overnight dive trip to Puerto Galera with...

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CS Manila Summer Scramble

When Yannie (my CS host in Jakarta) told me she met Andri (my host in Jogja) at the “Jogja Rally 2008”, I nodded and thought nothing of it. Actually, I thought it was some national festival or holiday. A week later, I met Andri and he got the chance to explain to me that the “Rally” is a CS event like the Amazing Race organized by the active group in Yogyakarta. It was like a ton of brick fell on my head – what a brilliant idea! Fast forward 10 weeks later, on the sunny morning of May 31, 2009, cs participants from Manila, Iloilo, China, France, Germany, USA gathered at the UP Diliman Oblation, the start off point of this race. I was so happy with the attendance. The participants were soon group into 4’s and it nicely came out to a respectable 9 groups! After the taho cocktail, photo session, introduction, guidelines, and the first clue revealed, the groups scrambled toward the first stop-the UP sunken garden. As for me, Lu-ann and Diana, heart pounding, we raced to Cubao-X, to post clues and wait for the participants to arrive. I barely took my hands off the last clue when the first team arrived (actually it was just one person, Richard). But within a few minutes, all 9 teams were scavenging Cubao-X. Then we left Diana in Cubao...

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Bench @ Fashion Week – Holiday 2009

Travel is my passion, but fashion is my business, actually. Taking a break from my wander tales, let me share the awesome(!) fashion show I attended yesterday, the Philippines Fashion Week Holiday ’09 featuring Bench, Kashieca, Human, and Bench Body. For info of those who doesn’t know, the 4 brands are under the ownership umbrella of Suyen Corporation, among other brands. The week long extravaganza runs from May 26 to June 3 at SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia. This year we received invitation from Bench for Sunday, May 31 . I believe it’s their first time to...

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