Month: May 2009

Who is Jim Thompson?

While researching on this Bangkok trip, the Jim Thompson House kept coming up the search. It’s very curious because the name doesn’t even sound half Thai. So who is he? In one sentence, Jim Thompson is the guy responsible for the multi-million dollar industry of Thai Silk today. He was an American architect who found his way to Asia (Bangkok) during the war when he was in the army. He fell in love with Asia and declared Bangkok home. During that time, silk making in Thailand was a dying craft, until he found it. He brought some silk back...

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Easy Day Trip from Bangkok to the Historic Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is the ancient capital of Thailand from from 1351 to 1767. Known as the Golden Age of Siam, it was the period when Thailand was at its richest and most powerful. It fell from the Burmese invasion in 1767 but remnants of its past glory are found in the architectural ruins all over the city. The Historic Park has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991. Today it is a popular day trip destination of visitors coming to Bangkok. It is easily reachable by renting a taxi, taking train, or bus. Detailed directions going to Ayutthaya...

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The Backpackers’ Area in Bangkok — Khaosan Road

Think opening scene of Leo Dicaprio’s movie The Beach. The eastern gateway of the western world, Bangkok’s Khaosan Road needs no further introduction. It’s the meeting point and the starting point of every backpacker. In here you can find the cheapest accommodation and liveliest night life. It’s walking distance from the Ratchadamnoen Stadium where we watched Muay Thai match and we almost did (walking, i mean). It was Sunday and at 9pm the city is almost quiet, that’s it until you get to the tip of Khaosan Road. We were quite hungry but were immediately charged with a new...

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Watching Muay Thai in Bangkok

Just for the record, our brother-in-law Chikara is aboard this trip too. And his only desire is to watch a Thai Boxing match, his sport when he was younger (he is still young). With the lined up shopping spree he had to endure traveling with 75% of the Cobis, we decided to give in to this tiny request. We thought it will be interesting and cultural to watch a live Muay Thai in Bangkok anyway. Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport of Thailand. It’s a popular sport and you can find many stadiums around Bangkok. The...

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Green Bangkok Bike

Coming out of Wat Pho, we saw a manned “Green Bangkok Bike” booth and with some time to spare, we went experience Bangkok via bicycle. This is a project of their Dept. of Tourism to promote clean air, no pollution sightseeing. They have several(8) of these stations around Rattanakosin area where tourists can borrow them for free to tour around the city. You only need to fill out a form and present passport. You also get a map of suggested route to take with your green bike. You have to return your bike to the station where get them...

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Wats in Bangkok

I love those free city maps you get at the tourist info center at the airport. It’s one of the first things I look for coming to a new city, that and ATM machines. Bangkok has like a billion different kinds, we chose the one that’s called “The Official Map Bangkok”. How can you go wrong with that? Taxis are one of the most abundant things you can find in Bangkok. They’re painted bright candy colors that brighten up the streets. Taxis are relatively cheap and most drivers speak good English. They are also mostly honest, actually we’ve only...

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Sawasdee ka, Bangkok

No need for introduction as everybody been to and knows Bangkok. Everyone apparently but me. So it’s not the first time that my passport got the Thai stamp, but 5 years ago my 3 visits here were for totally different business, so I am here as if it’s my first visit. I’m such a budget airline fan so let’s not complain that the ticket we bought got us to Bangkok at 10:00pm. The airport looked totally foreign, no wonder because Suvarnabhumi Airport officially opened on 15 September 2006. It’s late but we all got a good vibe from the...

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