Month: March 2009

Cool Running: for the whale sharks

Yesterday I was initiated into the world of running by participating in my first marathon ever: the Condura Run for the Whale Sharks. I’ve been thinking (and talking) about running as a sport, basically to keep in shape, eversince sole sister banggingay shared her passion for it and my cousin Susan started running and joining races. Thanks to bangging for tagging us along her come back race since her accident last December, as we good naturedly call – peer pressure. I can walk far and long but not really run, unless we consider running around CKSC playground during the...

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Things to do in Jogjakarta

Prambanan Temple After being recharged by a restful nap and fulfilling lunch, Ayu and I hopped on her motorbike and head to Prambanan Temple. Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple in Central Java, Indonesia. It is located approximately 18 km east (or 20 min) of Yogyakarta center. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is 1 of the 2 main reasons why I’m here (in Yogya). The other being Borobudur, of course. I knew before coming but was surprised that the entrance fee to this temple is USD11, as expensive as the fees in Europe. I’m not...

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Arriving Jogjakarta by Train

It was a very uncomfortable 9 hours train ride to Yogyakarta (or Jogyakarta – old spelling but still widely used). I took the bisnis class because the executive were all booked out. I would highly recommend paying a little more for comfort. I know this because I was mistakenly sitting at the executive section and was thinking it’s not so bad for it’s price, even if it’s a bit old and dirty, until I was bumped off. :( Bisnis @ 105.000 and Executive @150.000 Rupiya on weekdays. But it’s alright, I was very excited to come experience the rich...

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Bandung: Paris Van Java

The 2nd stop of my short Java trip is the favorite weekend getaway destination of people from Jakarta. Not surprising because it’s so easily reached from Jakarta by train, supposedly a scenic 3 hours journey or by mini van, short 2 hours ride via the super highway. I opted for this option with X-Trans for 70,000 Rupiah (Php280). Bandung was not on my original list but since it is en route Jogyakarta and was highly recommended by the people of Indonesia group, so, why not? They said it has good food, climate, shopping, and an interesting Nu Art Gallery....

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Jakarta: Twin City of Manila

I can’t believe that I’ve only been in Jakarta for 2 days, if I’m to recount the places I’ve been to, done, and seen with the awesome girls of CS Jakarta. 2 months ago I was able to book a really cheap $10 return tickets to Jakarta with one of Cebu Pacific Air’s anniversary promotions. Beggars can’t be choosers (and I’m not complaining), my flight arrives at midnight. Yannie, Vivie and her mum came to the airport to fetch me on a car on loan from another friend of Yannie! Their hospitality is the same brand as ours in...

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The lass who wanders

I travel the world on a quest to live a life not ordinary. Having seen more of the world than most people would in a life time, I am grateful and hope that I inspire you to do what you love most



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