Year: 2009

the series of nyc event continues.. omg

jet lagged and hung over, we were ridiculously late for our lunch date with Chrisfed. luckily his office is just around the corner where we’re supposed to meet (43rd and 5th). obviously he already had his lunch so he just came over to say hi, point us where to eat, and arrange to meet up after his office. we had our really late lunch at a diner. the minute i had my hot soup, i felt better. i’m so happy. i swear to never drink again! i mean, drink so we decided to just hang around 5th avenue...

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series of unfortunate, fortunate, and other events in NYC

so the minute I claimed my luggage at JFK (yes luggage), i knew it was not as hot of an idea as when i decided to bring a huge luggage. it’s not filled to the full capacity, but i thought it’d bring a big one to fill later, than several little ones since i hand carry my dslr and laptop. for one i couldn’t even lift it off the baggage carousel. fortunately, a chinese guy helped me out. it’s a wheeled bag so shouldn’t be a problem even if i had to make a lot of detour to use...

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thoughts @ 37,000 feet

It must be the thrill of a long haul flight. The idea of going to the opposite end of the world. I could never sleep in one of these. I blamed it on in-flight movies. he he. In 2004, my first trip to the US was monumental for it made me realize it’s not so difficult to travel. I had an expiring US visa and there was an airline promo. I flew within 5 days. The 2nd time I crossed major ocean was in 2007 when I pseudo backpacked in Europe for 6 weeks. I discovered it’s not as...

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Stop Over: Daejeon

Daejeon Fall The main reason this province was part of our itinerary is because it was Candie’s hometown for a year as a cultural exchange student. It was supposed to be a stop over to visit Hannam University and her old professor for according to her, there were absolutely nothing of interest in this province. It’s just a modern city with lot of people living in it, hence, the numerous buses between Seoul and Daejeon. The bus costs W8700 and takes 2 hours. Because we were slow pokes, it wasn’t until noon time that we left for Daejeon. Daejeon bound We arrived at the university around 4 pm. Candie gave us a tour of the campus showing us all the nooks and reminiscing her time there. She also pointed out the Little World logo she made for the international students’ lounge and finally introduced us to her teacher friend, Mr. Hwang. We arranged to meet at 6 p.m. to have dinner together. 7 years later What we thought would be a simple dinner turned out to be a major reception of 12 people (including us). It was hosted by the Career Service team chief, the boss of Mr. Hwang, and invited along the International Relations department of 7 people, including the coordinators for Japanese, Chinese, and English studies and their director. It was an extremely extravagant (really!) dinner with...

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Ways to Help Philippines’ Typhoon Ondoy Victims

On the faithful day of September 26, 2009, Metro Manila, Philippines experienced one of the worst typhoon ever. Over 10 hours of non-stop raining left the metro with biblical flooding. Areas that never gets flooded experienced it for the first time in its most extreme! I was traveling with my sisters in S.Korea when several of our friends sent us text messages hoping we were okay. We got really curious because it was warm and sunny in Seoul. At 11:00 p.m., about 10:00 p.m. in Manila, we decided to call our mom. We were shocked beyond belief to hear that our ground level (parking area) was under 3M (10 ft) high of water, submerging 2 of our cars! This is crazy because the past strong typhoons, like the disastrous Millenyo last year, water never even came into the building. We always felt safe being elevated from our neighbor. I can only imagine what the situation of our neighbors is like. My mum and dad were stuck in the traffic for over 10 hours coming back from a doctor’s check-up. The helpers at home were (but had incredible presence of mind) trapped inside the house with rising water and no electricity thought it was the end of the world. We have friends who actually lost everything from this flood. :( This is one of the many videos you can find...

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seoul searching

In June, I heard that Cebu Pacific now has regular flights going to South Korea. And in one of their periodic low fare promotions, we (my sisters and I) decided to book a trip together. The truth is SoKor never interests me, not to mention it used to be very expensive to fly to. So the 2 major motivations of this trip are (1) the low fare: $143 (PH6879) for return ticket; and (2) traveling with Candie, who was an exchange student 7 years ago. We thought it would be so much fun to watch her flaunt or fall on her fading Korean language. After telling our mom that the 3 of us are going to be gone from the office for 8 days, quite eventful in itself, i must say, we were all set! The flight took 4 hours and we landed in Incheon at 8:30pm (time is 1 hour ahead of Manila). As expected the airport is modern and impressive. We noted several mobile phone rental inside the airport. We were going to rent one because we know Korean mobile system isn’t GSM but surprisingly, upon switching on our mobile phones, we found that GSM is actually supported! And not just Nokia N73 as advised by the Globe Platinum help desk. We were carrying LG KT610 and Sony Ericsson K850 and both cellphone worked, supported by KT...

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Top Attractions of Marinduque Island

Marinduque is an island province in the Philippines most popularly known for the unique Moriones Festival. In fact, I will say this is the #1 of the top attractions of Marinduque island. Tourists, local and foreign, flock to the island to take part in the colorful parade where locals dress in Morion costumes and masks. The province is also infamously known for the multi-billion dollar mining industry in the 60s that resulted in an accident that brought the industry into a halt. It also caused great damage to the environment and the people of the island. A pending lawsuit with the multi-billion dollar companies responsible for the disaster, Marinduque slowly get back to its feet. While tourism isn’t a major source of their economy, it should.   Top Attractions of Marinduque (1) Scuba dive or snorkel in the clear waters of one or all of the tres reyes islands: Melchor, Gaspar, Baltazar. (2) Explore the caves of Bathala in Sta. Cruz. Get a local guide and roam the spunky damp cave where bats and python dwell. There is a little climbing involved. (3) Dip into the therapeutic water of the hot spring in Malbog in Buenavista. It is known to cure health condition such as migraine and skin asthma. (4) Walk the old town of Mariduque and basked in culture with old stone houses, locally known as “bahay na...

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Top Things to do in Bandung City

I just came back from a dive trip in Indonesia and a friend asked if I was in Bandung. She wanted to know if it is worth a visit. Well, I have been in Bandung, although not recently. I visited Bandung in 2009 as part of a multi-city visit around Indonesia. Here are my top recommendation of top things to do in Bandung. Bandung as Weekend Destination Bandung is a popular weekend getaway destination of folks from Jakarta.  It is only 2-3 hours ride by car. Bandung is situated on a plateau and surrounded by mountains, strawberry fields, tea plantations, and because of this,...

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