Month: May 2007

Walking in Barceloneta

Catarina and I arranged to meet and travel together today. When I woke up and got ready to meet her at Plaza Real, I can’t find my new camera! I looked inside my day bag and my small luggage and it’s not there! I got reeaaaally depressed as I had few days of pictures in it. I used to download photos everyday but because I got new 2G memory, I didn’t, hay! I was so depress I couldn’t get my ass to move. I was contemplating on whether I should go back to the Gaudi places since I love...

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Gaudi of Barcelona

I had no list of places got to visit coming to Barcelona. I was going to rely on my host on that and I did. That’s another cool thing about CS. Jaume have to work, today being Friday, but he took my map and marked the places I can go visit. Having 2 more days, he sectioned the city and created a route for me to take, although a bit ambitious one. I am not going to cover that much area in 2 days without growing a pair of wings. By now, taking the metro is 2nd nature to...

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Hola Barcelona

Although I’m really sad and heartbroken leaving Netherlands, I’m also looking forward to my next adventure. I’ve 2 things that I’m excited about: First, I know that the weather is going to be a lot warmer in Spain. I’ve been feeling like an unadjusted polar bear since I got to Paris some 3 weeks ago. Netherlands is even colder although there have been some hint of sunshine from time to time. And there’s a tiny bit of frustration wearing the same black coat in every single photo! Secondly, I’m surfing couch for the very first time! Couchsurfing was introduced...

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Amsterdam by Night

The truth is while researching my Euro trip, I didn’t bother with Netherlands knowing I will have a full time host here. When it was suggested to me that we will have a little tour to the redlight district, I didn’t think any of it. Afterall I’ve been to Bangkok, Angeles City, and even to some of the girly clubs in P. Burgos. But what greeted me, really surprised me! Before that, the canal by night is exceptionally beautiful with the the lights reflected on the water. Taking a stroll there is really romantic. My impression on the Dutch...

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Au Revoir, Paris

Today is my last day in Paris and as planned I’m visiting the Louvre. It’s a HUGE museum so I decided to start early. I’ve passed by it the week before so I’ve pretty much already admired the pyramid and the Jardin des Tuileries. I have a strategy. First, I de-stressed by reminding myself that it’s impossible to see everything even if I spent the whole day here! Or according to my book, a whole life time will not be enough. With an imaginary drum roll, I held my breath and strode into the glass pyramid. It’s grand like...

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Museum Marathon in Paris

I’m back in Paris with 1 goal: Conquer as much museums as I can. Why? Because I already bought a Paris Museum Pass before my Paris trip was cut short. I got the 4-day pass because my original schedule (before I got sick) was to be in Paris until 17th of May before flying to Netherlands. Anyway, I am only staying until Monday (3-days), but I will still get my money’s worth. Museum Pass is a great deal, if you like museums, but then why won’t you visit museums in Paris? Some of the great benefits of having a...

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Holland Tulips

Keukenhof HollandIt’s the biggest flower garden in the world. I was super excited and so looking forward to see fields and fields of colorful tulips! It says in the guide book that between April~May is the perfect time to see the garden in full bloom. When we get to the park (it’s actually kind of a theme park), I was stretching my neck to find the tulips,but all I see was sea of green! Where are the tulips?! It was actually a big place, so we thought, maybe farther back?? We’ve circulated the whole park and found only sprinkle...

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I AMsterdam

I have to admit that I didn’t really have concrete impressions of Netherlands before coming. As a kid in school, I related Holland with the wooden clogs, milk maids, tulips, and windmills. Later I learned of their legal prostitution, happy brownies, and weeds. Also that Holland is the wrong name for Netherlands although it’s very popularly known as that in many countries. Anyway, somebody forgot to tell me about the bicycles! Oh my, they are everywhere!! There were plenty (of bikes) in Cambodia and Japan, but here, they’re all in your face! I was not able to take a...

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