Alyn met me at the Verona train station at 9p.m. We’re meeting for the first time but I had no problem spotting her because she looks exactly like her sister, my friend, Ruby. She told me that her sister is on European Erasmus program and that I can visit or travel with her. Alyn and I […]

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Beautiful Venezia

Venice is really one of the most unique places in the world. It’s built on 117 small islands connected by 409 bridges. Instead of having cars, people have boats. Water taxi and water metro in place of our land version. But the main mode of transport in exploring the city will be your feet.

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Budapest Bad Experience

The Train Incident They knocked on our cabin and identified themselves as Hungarian Passport Security and asked for our passports. We’re about to enter non-EU country Croatia. I only found out that this train route passes through Croatia from the 3 other passengers sharing my sleeper car. They’re going to Zagren, the capital city of […]

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Here’s a plan. No plan.

It’s funny for me to hear someone tell me that my trip is organized. Josh even went overboard saying I did tremendous pre-trip planning. Because the truth is, my trip is anything BUT organized. If you only knew that Raz had to drive me to a bookstore in Tel-Aviv so we could look at Lonely […]

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