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Adventure Partners Contest Series: Part 2

As much as I love traveling, packing had never been my favorite thing to do. Β Even if I have a packing list I’ve referred to since my first solo trip, I could never be done in a few minutes. I would procrastinate and finally end up sleepless the night before my trip. It’s really bad […]

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And the winner is….

Part I of the Wanderlass Adventure Partners Contest Series has concluded and we have a winner. Watch this short video of drawing the winner! Congratulations, winner! You will receive this sweet prize. Please wait for my email on how you can claim the prize! Eagle Creek Compass (unisex) Bag

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Wanderlass Adventure Partners Contest Series: Part 1

I’m taking a break from reading all these embassy websites that’s giving me a terrifying flashback of my board exam review days. Here is the contest I promised in wanderlass turns 4. But first, I’m ecstatic to announce that wanderlass (that’s me) have partnered with 2 of the best names in the adventure and travel […]

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A Case of Wanderlust

After my euro-adventure, I was so high with travel that I bored the people around me to death with the only topic I’m interested in. It may even began to sound like gloating starting my sentences with “when i was in Europe…” so I decided to actively host couchsurfers. If I’m not traveling, I’m going […]

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