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Wanderlass TV interview

I found the video of my interview with GMA Network and have now uploaded to the Wanderlass Youtube channel. The interview that I’ve cleverly entitled “Wanderlass TV Interview” was first seen on 24 Oras, a weeknight news on GMA Network, on May 14, 2014. I missed its broadcast because I don’t really watch television. But my friend Jun saw […]

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Apply Schengen Visa at Italian Embassy with VIA.ph

There’s another way for Filipinos to apply schengen visa in the Philippines. This is to apply Schengen Visa at Italian Embassy through VIA Center.  Currently Visa Information and Application Center (or VIA) t serve as liaison for the Italian Embassy and as call center for several others. But here I will only focus on how to […]

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Filipino Scuba Divers’ Guide to Diving Abroad

Diving Abroad for the first time? If you are a super diver like myself and my Scuba Diva friends, you don’t have to continue reading. But if you have scuba diving friends who get anxiety attacks at the thought of diving outside of Anilao, this is for them. So I just came back from a live […]

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Diving South Maldives on Live Aboard (Part 2 of 2)

So I was saying that we survived diving South Maldives, but that we had a messy first day. To be up to speed, read  here Diving South Maldives (Part 1). As expected, there were a lot of emotions flying around after that dive. There were traumatized divers, angry divers, and plenty of opinion on how the […]

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South Africa Visa for Philippine Passport Holders

How to apply for South African Visa in the Philippines? It was a bit of a challenge looking for information online as there is no website of South African Embassy in the Philippines. But I found the requirements without having to go through a travel agency. My experience was quite smooth sailing. The consular assistant […]

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1 week in South Africa – Joburg and Kruger

A week ago, holy that was quick! I wrote something in Durban hoping to sum up my 1 week in South Africa but ended up just writing about my one day in Durban. So I will just quickly now, give a wrap up of what went before that. A prequel actually to the previous post. […]

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