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La Tomatina Fun

If you’re looking for exciting and unusual things to do this summer, you have to know about La Tomatina, one of Spain’s most unique events that’s notorious for being absolutely crazy, utterly messy, and most importantly of all – ridiculously fun!

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Amnesia in Ibiza

I was supposed to fly to Palermo after Rome to meet with Michele, an Italian friend who lived in the Philippines. But 5 days before, he wrote that he’s been invited by his friend to Ibiza. He wanted to see me he said, but also wants to go to Ibiza. I’m invited to come along […]

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Valencia – city of angels

Velencia in Spain was founded by some 3,000 Roman soldiers looking for a settlement after the Iberic war. It was a battle trying to get out of Ibiza so it seemed natural to end up in Valencia after. Michele being Italian and all. :) Sometimes flexibility comes with great price–this time literally! The flight to […]

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Festivals and Traveling

Resplendent costumes, colorful floats, abundance of food and alcohol, and manic street parties are the familiar scenes in festivals. From Sinulog to Ati-atihan, from Santacruzan to Aliwan, from barrio to barangay fiestas, Filipinos are no strangers to fêtes. It’s embedded in our culture to find every opportunity for merry making. Growing up, I’ve had my […]

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