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Amsterdam by Night

The truth is while researching my Euro trip, I didn’t bother with Netherlands knowing I will have a full time host here. When it was suggested to me that we will have a little tour to the redlight district, I didn’t think any of it. Afterall I’ve been to Bangkok, Angeles City, and even to […]

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Holland Tulips

Keukenhof HollandIt’s the biggest flower garden in the world. I was super excited and so looking forward to see fields and fields of colorful tulips! It says in the guide book that between April~May is the perfect time to see the garden in full bloom. When we get to the park (it’s actually kind of […]

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I AMsterdam

I have to admit that I didn’t really have concrete impressions of Netherlands before coming. As a kid in school, I related Holland with the wooden clogs, milk maids, tulips, and windmills. Later I learned of their legal prostitution, happy brownies, and weeds. Also that Holland is the wrong name for Netherlands although it’s very […]

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