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Nagoya Omotenashi Bushotai

Things to do in Nagoya Japan and around

So many Filipinos are visiting Japan lately. I know so because my facebook feeds are filled with friends’ Japan holiday photos, as I’m sure yours too. And my blog post on How to Apply for Japan Visa in the Philippines is getting a lot of hits. I myself have been to Japan 3x this year. And why not? With […]

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Festivals and Traveling

Resplendent costumes, colorful floats, abundance of food and alcohol, and manic street parties are the familiar scenes in festivals. From Sinulog to Ati-atihan, from Santacruzan to Aliwan, from barrio to barangay fiestas, Filipinos are no strangers to fêtes. It’s embedded in our culture to find every opportunity for merry making. Growing up, I’ve had my […]

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