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Budapest Bad Experience

The Train Incident They knocked on our cabin and identified themselves as Hungarian Passport Security and asked for our passports. We’re about to enter non-EU country Croatia. I only found out that this train route passes through Croatia from the 3 other passengers sharing my sleeper car. They’re going to Zagren, the capital city of […]

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Here’s a plan. No plan.

It’s funny for me to hear someone tell me that my trip is organized. Josh even went overboard saying I did tremendous pre-trip planning. Because the truth is, my trip is anything BUT organized. If you only knew that Raz had to drive me to a bookstore in Tel-Aviv so we could look at Lonely […]

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Roomorama Review

Where to stay the night is one of the decision I have to make almost everyday. For one hundred days that I’m not sleeping in my bedroom, I’ve slept in various places that include crashing friends’ flats (mostly), couchsurfing, hostels and hotels.   Constant traveling can be overwhelming that sometimes I need to stop a […]

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100 days of traveling

100th day of traveling

Today is the 100th day since I almost got a heart attack at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport when they tried to verify my return ticket. 100 days is so far the longest time I’ve been away from home. For those who just tuned in, I’m at the moment on my own epic round the […]

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