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Jaffa Road, Jerusalem

Trip to Jerusalem

From the sin city of Tel-Aviv I arrived to Jerusalem. There’s no mistaking it as the view changed almost 180˚– from the shortest of shorts to the longest of skirts. The religious men in black suit and white beard walked about are all over. I naturally head over to the old city first but was […]

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Resplendently Tel-Aviv

If I’m an Israeli, Tel-Aviv would be my city. It’s the city of resplendent women, men, and gays. Picture gorgeous women in shortest shorts and beautiful men with washboard abs. It brings one’s testosterone level several notches up just coming to the border.  Even the dogs here were hyper!  I was told that the plain people […]

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Rizal at 150

Dapitan City

The PTB Blog_Carnival for June 2011 honors Dr. Jose Rizal on his 150th Birth Anniversary. The theme is Rizal and Travel. Rizal was the quintessential traveler of his time. In the Philippines, he visited towns as far north as Tarlac, all the way down to Dapitan, Dipolog and Katipunan, Zamboanga del Norte. As an international traveler, he’s been […]

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