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Acacia Resort and Dive Center

There are 3 destinations for SNUPS, right? Batangas, Cebu, and Dumaguete. My travel schedule only permits me to join the Batangas leg, which is absolutely fine because Anilao is at least top 3 for diving in the Philippines. My point being, because we’re not flying to Cebu or Dumaguete, which would cost between 3 to […]

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Beatrice Reef Scape

SNUPS weekend – Anilao

SNUPS is a photo competition collaborated by NUDI and Splash Underwater Imaging. It’s a series of underwater shoot-out to be held in 3 of the top diving destinations in the Philippines: Anilao (Batangas), Dauin (Dumaguete), and Mactan (Cebu) at one week interval. Each destination are given 5 days for shooting. A person can register at all destinations since they happen on different weekends.

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Coron View

Philippine Dive Seafari – Coron

Guest Post by Bob Whorton This first Seafari was the culmination of 18-months of hard work by the Philippines department of tourism Product Development; Headed by Director Elizabeth Nelle, and her dedicated team of staff, backed by the Secretary of State for Tourism Mr Alberto Lim. Following the insight and fortitude of Mr Joel Uichico. It was […]

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Dive Gears List

If it’s not evident in this blog, I’m a bit of a diveaholic. As I take off for my BIG trip, I’m going to miss diving tremendously and my gears. This post is a tribute to it and also for the purpose of record, lest someone borrowed something and didn’t return it. :) I’ve acquired all […]

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