Month: April 2011

Dive Seafari – Diving with Legends

I’ve been diving for almost four years now and logged about 150 dives. I’ve also dove in some of the best sites around the Philippines—Tubbataha, Apo Island, Coron, Malapascua, Moalboal, Puerto Galera, and of course Anilao. But on this trip, diving with Bob Yin and Gutsy Tuason, 2 of the most prolific scuba diver—photographers in the Philippines and internationally, I feel like a child. I feel not-worthy but extremely lucky! We’re not just doing a dive; we’re doing over 10 dives in the next 5 days. I was also fortunate to be placed in the same hotel and share...

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Dive Seafari Day 1,2,3 – Diving Panglao

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Dive Seafari 2011Diving Panglao Bohol Divers Club is a good place to stay when diving Panglao.  Their dive shop will be our diving host as well as those joining the MAD about US photo competition. It’s the type of resort I would typically book to be my base when scuba diving. It’s along the white beach, busy with lots of things going on.  It’s the same stretch of white beach where we stayed the last time. You can sit on their bar along the beach and people watch while...

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Dive Seafari Day 0 – Meet & Greet

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Dive Seafari 2011Dive Seafari Bohol Edition Begins The flight was at 11:50am but I was at the airport at 9:00 am, the meet up time. I met Mick (from Australia) and Steve (from UK) who are the 2 other international guests of the Seafari. So there we were, having coffee while waiting for our check-in time and talking about diving when I suddenly realized I don’t remember packing my underwater housing! Barely recovering from the stressful Beijing trip the day before, I packed for the 8 days Dive Seafari...

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Philippine Dive Seafari 2011

This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series Dive Seafari 2011 I am stoked! “Marine marvels at the 1st Philippine Dive Seafari” article spread all over the internet last month and got all of us mad divers excited and curious. And I’m so ecstatic to be part of this grand underwater extravaganza. There are exactly 3 things that I’m passionate about: traveling, photography, and scuba diving.  So when avid diver, environmentalist, philanthropist  Mr. Joel Uichico asked if I would be interested to blog for Dive Seafari, faster than you can say “clear”, I mentally pushed back all that...

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Israeli, Jordanian, Egyptian Visas for Philippine Passport Holders

I have always been seduced by the Middle East mystique, specifically the 3 bordering countries of Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. I desperately wanted to include them on my upcoming RTW but I don’t know if I can get all the visas in time as Jordan takes 2-4 weeks and Egypt is the same. And with the recent unrest in the Middle East, family and friends are advising me against visiting at this time. So anyway, whether I’ll be able to use it now or later, here are some relevant visa info for Philippine passport holders I’ve gathered on the...

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My Adventure Partner Contest — Winner

So it was over a week ago that Wanderlass Adventure Partners Contest Series, Part 3 is closed. Thanks to everyone who participated sharing stories of your Adventure Partners. There were 29 awesome entries which made it really hard for me to choose. But the inevitable task has to be done and finally here is the winning entry:     Congratulations to Angie Zafra! I love the effort and the unique way she tells her story. I hope this new Eagle Creek Twist Connect will become part of your adventure trio. A lightweight carry-on backpack that converts to a wheeled...

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