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Ways to Help Philippines’ Typhoon Ondoy Victims

On the faithful day of September 26, 2009, Metro Manila, Philippines experienced one of the worst typhoon ever. Over 10 hours of non-stop raining left the metro with biblical flooding. Areas that never gets flooded experienced it for the first time in its most extreme! I was traveling with my sisters in S.Korea when several […]

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seoul searching

In June, I heard that Cebu Pacific now has regular flights going to South Korea. And in one of their periodic low fare promotions, we (my sisters and I) decided to book a trip together. The truth is SoKor never interests me, not to mention it used to be very expensive to fly to. So […]

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Marinduque: Top 6 Attractions

Marinduque is an island province in the Philippines most popularly known for the unique Moriones Festival. Tourists, local and foreign, flock to the island to take part in the colorful parade where locals dress in Morion costumes and masks. The province is also infamously known for the multi-billion dollar mining industry in the 60s that […]

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boracay white beach

notes on Boracay

This is the first time I’ve been to the “sunrise” part of Boracay, the Bulabog beach. On this side, luxury condotels and retirement/ vacation residents are sprouting left and right. I also got the chance to be shown around one of the splendid suites of 7stones Boracay. So technically, we only had 2 full days […]

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