Month: February 2007

Step 1: Booked!

I’ve been staring at my computer the past few days trying to come up with an itinerary. And last night, with a sudden surge of inspiration, I did it! Though it’s still pretty tentative, it’s showing a lot of promise. ;) I have 12 cities in 4 countries in 41 days. I know, pretty ambitious. But I promise not to be too caught up in my schedule that I will miss the beautiful sights. As always, I’d let the moment decide. That means, I shouldn’t book local flights just yet, hmmm.. I’ve also booked and confirmed my flight. I’m...

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Europe Trip Dream

  I thought I should start this blog already. They say visualization helps in realization, so putting it in writing might actually seal the deal. I told many people about this plan already. I even have a date: that will be April – May (this year, hopefully!). Let me check what I’ve done so far: I wrote to some people bugging them to let me crash their place; asked for flight rates from my cousin: all permutation of airlines, prices, and EU destinations, and finally I found the website where I downloaded the application form and found the list...

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The lass who wanders

I travel the world on a quest to live a life not ordinary. My life is extraordinary that I have seen more of the world than a normal person would in a lifetime. I am grateful and hope that I inspire you to do what you love most


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